Box/Micro Braids Take Out Service w/Treatment

Box/Micro Braids Take Out Service w/Treatment

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Take out box braids/ micros, clairifying and moisturizing shampoo with scalp massage, surface conditioner/ moisturizing and stimulating scalp and hair treatment with steam



  • Braid Takedown
  • Hair Treatment 

This will be done gently making sure not to damage and cut your natural hair, detangling which also causes minimal shedding and not to mention it will be done quicker and safe you on time. Detangling helps not to encounter matting and knotting of the hair due to build up and dirt

 Step 1: Gently remove braids this will help cause less damage


Step 2: Massage clarifying shampoo 

Benefits: a deep cleansing step which help to remove all the build up and dirt accumulated on your hair and scalp. The massage helps to further clean the scalp and the stimulate blood flood throughout your scalp which helps with hair growth 

Step 3: Moisturizing shampoo 

Benefits after a deep cleansing we use a moisturing shampoo with help to put back the moisture and strengthen the hair and scalp for better length and less shedding 

Step 3: Argan , biotin  and protein surface conditioner 

Benefits: helps to coat the surface of the hair strength for easy detangling and extra nourishment on hair and scalp. Argan oil is known for its great moisturizing properties and penetrates the hair cuticles easier since it has smaller molecules than other oils which makes the hair and scalp healthier and more manageable with less tangles and dryness. It also has anti inflammatory benefits which helps with itchy and dry scalp and will not clog, pores., boost shine.  Biotin is known for stimulating keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of hair follicles growth. Protein strengthen hair, helps to repair and restore damage, reduce breakage 

Step 4 penetrating steamed rosemary and mint stimulating deep conditioning 

Take out cornrows ( scalp braids )/ sewin, clairifying and moisturizing shampoo with scalp massage, surface conditioner/ moisturizing and stimulating scalp and hair treatment with steam

Benefits: helps to penetrate the hair shaft for a deep nourishment on hair and scalp which are needed for growth, less shedding, strength and also softness the steam helps to open the hair cuticle for the penetrating conditioner to get in the hair shaft and also the scalp. The rosemary and mint are  and added bonus for scalp health, itchy scalp and dandruff. Mint is known for being one of the most highest sources of carotene and antioxidants antimicrobial and antifungal properties which help to combat dandruffs and other scalp issues. The use on your scalp will increase the skin blood circulation which will activate hair follicles and healthy hair which help to increase hair growth 

Step 5 grapeseed hair tonic scalp oil 

Benefits help to seal all the steps below and add moisture, lust, good for itchy scalp and dandruff and help with hair manageability. Grapeseed is known for its moisturizing and hair growth properties. It smooths and blocks split ends. Strengthens weak or brittle hair, reduces hair loss and shedding and soothes scalp also can help with premature graying 

Step 6 blow dry 

Benefits: the heat help to stretch natural hair out which help for easy styling and also help the hair tonic scalp oil to sink in the scalp and hair better