Business Hours:


9:00AM - 5:00PM

*We are unable to answer emails, texts, or phone calls at times outside of regular business days and hours. Please allow 48 hours for responses to all inquiries.

Business Address:

2800 Manhattan blvd, Suite 30-31.

Harvey, Louisiana 70058.

Business Contact:

(504) 475-6634

Hair F.A.Q.

How much does each bundle weigh?

Each bundle will weigh between 3.5 ounces and 4 ounces or roughly 100 grams.

How many bundles do I need for an install?

We recommend 3 bundles if you plan to use the lengths 14” to 18” and 4 bundles will be recommended if you plan to use any lengths between 18” to 26”.

Where is the hair sourced?

Our raw hair is considered temple hair. The hair is provided by women who cut their hair for religious reasons at temples. Once the hair is collected, it is separated and washed. Then the weft is sewn using a double stitching technique. Once this process complete, the hair is then washed again and left to dry openly under the sun. Our raw hair has never been steamed nor chemically processed to create the textures found in each bundle.

How long can the hair last with proper care?

With proper care and treating the hair with conditioners, your raw hair will have no expiration date. You just need to make sure that you frequently deep condition your hair to revive the hair and ensure a flawless look. Additionally. Always use a wide tooth comb when combing the hair and make sure to start combing from the bottom while slowly working your way to the top of the weft.

And to avoid any build up, use a minimal amount of styling products. No need to overdo it when it comes to product application in order to make your hair look good. Just keep the hair clean.

You can use products such as Organix products.

You should sleep with a silk cap or on a silk pillow case at night to protect the hair.

Avoid alcohol-based products to prevent drying out the hair.

Lastly, do not apply hot tools on your hair if the hair is dirty or has product build up. Always wash and condition the hair before applying any form of heat to it. We recommend to always use a heat protectant before flat iron, curling or blow drying your hair

Has my hair been washed before shipment?

Yes, each bundle will be shampooed and conditioned before it is shipped to you.

Can the hair be colored?

Yes, the hair can be colored. However, keep in mind that is the bleaching or the lifting of the wefts is not done properly then the overall quality of your bundles will be compromised.

If you do not have any experience with coloring hair, please seek a professional stylist for the service. After coloring, bleaching and/or lifting the hair we advise you to keep the hair hydrated by deep conditioning and moisturizing the hair following a color job. The conditioning of the hair should be done regularly once the hair has been chemically altered.

How can I contact you for any business inquiries?

Make sure you read through this section first. If you still have more questions, please contact us by filling out the Contact us form. 



Do you offer free hair in exchange for reviews?



Where is Hair by PW located?

Hair by PW is located in New Orleans,Louisiana, USA.


Can I pick up my hair at your location?


Can you cancel an order?

Yes and you will be charged a 30% restock fee.

If my order is returned back to your facility, can I cancel my order for a refund?

Yes, you can but you will be charged a 30% restock fee. And the original shipping fee will not be refunded.

Before you checked out, you agreed to the terms of sales. Make sure to read those terms again.

Can I replace products in my order after I have placed my order?

If your order has not been shipped, it could be possible. You need to contact us by email or phone. However, unless we respond to your inquiry consider that your request has not been granted.

Awaiting Shipment:

Your order has been fulfilled. We are not preparing your mailing label. Your tracking number will be sent to you once we ship your package.

Thank you for placing an order with us.


What is the processing time?

Please allow 24-48 business hours  for credits cards payments and 3-5 business days for e-check payments for the payment to be cleared. Processing time for your items will be 5-10 business days (doesn't include our closed hours on Saturdays and Sundays). In rare cases shipments can be delayed due to new inventory being held in customs, natural disasters, etc, as we are no control over these circumstances. They do not render a refund being issued. an email will be sent to you if this situation occurs during your normal processing time to make you aware of any delays. The Processing Time for hair extensions orders will increase up to 3-5 additional business days during sales events, discounted items and holidays due to higher volume orders. Please take in consideration prior to completing your order. Sales events increase the likelihood of your products selling out at a higher rate. Our top priority is that each customer receives quality products and we never compromise on quality due to higher volume orders. Each of our products is still required to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to shipping, you will always receive quality products from us.

All lace closures and frontals are order to be made and require 10-12 days waiting period unless readily available on our inventory. please fell free to contact us to see if we have any in stock before placing your order.

Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date? 

Unfortunately, we cannot. The deliveries are handled by U.S.P.S. when the items are going to an address within the continental U.S. and the contingent states. When items are being shipped to overseas addresses, bear in mind that the packages have to go through and clear customs in the U.S. and in the country of destination. Therefore, if you need your hair by a certain date, we invite you to shop ahead of time.

How long will my delivery take?

It depends. check our processing time section

Within the continental U.S., the delivery should take 3 to 5 days once the package has shipped.

Once you receive your tracking number, we invite you to sign up for e-mail and/or text updates, when feasible. Please be aware that a signature will be required upon delivery.

Please be advised that once the package has been handed over to USPS we are no longer responsible for the parcel.

The responsibility is passed to USPS.

  • If you live in the U.S., once your package is processed by U.S.P.S., then the delivery date will be better to page.
  • If you live in overseas, once your package is processed by U.S.P.S., it will clear customs either in Jamaica, New York or Miami, Florida. If tracking is available, you will be notified once your package arrives in your home country. That feature is usually not applicable to destinations in the Middle East. Please, sign up for e-mail updates. If your package has reached your home country and weeks have gone by with no deliveries, please go to your local post office with your tracking number to inquire about your parcel or your package will be returned back to us.



Since we mostly ship with U.S.P.S First Class mail, once the package is processed by the post office, the
tracking number will show an expected delivery date. Please understand that expected does not mean guaranteed. Hence for the shipping fee that we have paid U.S.P.S. on your behalf, the post office WILL TRY to deliver your package by the shown date, BUT DOES NOT HAVE TO. Hence, your package will get to you, when it gets to you. Please sign up for email and/or call updates.

Please check your tracking number. Make sure your delivery address is correct.

How long does it take for your company to process orders? 

It depends. But usually, 5 to 10 days.


Duties & Taxes

Will I have to pay duties?


I can’t afford to pay the duties?

Unfortunately, you are responsible for your package. We are an American company, so when you order from us, we expect you to understand what is entailed when you order from a foreign company. Consider the possibility of duties and taxes before you place your order with us.

For our clients in Brazil, be advised that on some cases your country’s customs office can deny entry of the package or you may be asked to pay the duties.


How can I pay?

You can pay with credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal.

Can I pay over the phone?


Do you store my credit information?


Do I need a PayPal account to shop with Hair by PW?

No. But we recommend that you do. It makes shopping online easier and safer for you.

I do not have access to PayPal; how can I pay?

You can try paying with a credit card through Braintree or Square.

Can my method of payment affect how fast my order is processed?

Yes. If you use a check through PayPal, we will have to wait until your order clears before we ship your items.


How long before my money is credited back?

It can take up to 3-7 days once your money has been refunded for the funds to show back in your account.


I placed an order, but I was refunded. How come?


In the event that your order was invalid, we will refund your money.

My package was returned to your facility; can I get a refund?

No. All sales are final sales. Your package was returned because the package could not be delivered. We will ask you for a new valid address and you will be responsible for all the shipping costs.


How should I package the item(s)?

We expect the products to come back to us in their original packaging with all seals not compromised.

How should I ship the items back to the facility?


Package the goods so that they can come back to us undamaged.

How long before my return is processed?

It can take up to 14 days.

If my package was returned due to the address being erroneous, what happens next?


You’ll have to pay another shipping fee.

Can I return my hair?


No. All sales are final, but we can accept exchange but you will be responsible for the 30% restocking fees and shipping charges.

Can I return any products?


No. All sales are final, we can accept exchange but you will be responsible for the 30% restocking fees and shipping charges.


How do we ship?

We ship with USPS. Most of our packages are shipped as Priority mail parcel, unless we are running special promotion. All of our international packages are shipped as Priority mail parcels.

How fast do you ship?

It depends on the volume of orders. We usually try to ship out orders within 5 to 10 days.

From which destination are the items shipped?

New Orleans, LA 70113.

Can you get overnight shipping?

It depends. But you will have to pay $25 for overnight shipping.

Can you change your address after you have placed your order?

It depends. In most cases, we will cancel the order to avoid fraud.

Can you guarantee shipping by a certain date?

Unfortunately, no we cannot.

Do you ever ship with UPS, FEDEX or DHL?



I provided the wrong address at check out; how can I provide the correct address?

Please contact us and provide us with your order number and your full name. Make sure to update your address within PayPal.

What’s your shipping platform?


We use both Endicia and Stamps.com

How come my order has not been shipped yet?

The following could apply:
The items you have ordered are out of being produced.

If you live in the Middle East, be informed that we will have to confirm your address before we ship your packages.

If you live in the U.S. and your address is incomplete, we will not ship your package until we have complete address.

If you live in Ireland, we will confirm your address before we ship your package.

For our clients in the Middle East, we ask that you consider getting a P.O.BOX in America. We have clients that have P.O. BOXES in Springfield
Gardens, New York or Sarasota, Florida. The providers of these boxes know how to ship to your home country with accuracy.


Tracking Numbers

Can I not find my tracking number?

  • Please look in your account. 
  • Check the e-mail account you provided at checkout.
  • Check your receipt and make sure you provided us with the correct address. 
  • Use the search box in your e-mail account and type: Hair by PW. You should be able to find your tracking number.

I have a tracking number, what should I do?

Please sign up for email and call updates at www.usps.com



My tracking number was sent to the wrong e-mail address, what should I do?

Please e-mail us. 

My tracking number does not show any movement, what does that mean?

It depends on your location:
o   If you are in the U.S., please sign up for updates. You should see your package move within a few days.
o   If you live overseas, the package could be in transit to your destination.

My item has been shipped. My order was processed by U.S.P.S; but now my item is stuck. What does that mean?

Your package is on its way.Packages are usually stuck when they are shipped as Priority mail because it’s the cheapest and lowest class.

When will I receive my tracking number?

As soon we process your order. Hence, if you have not received a tracking number it’s because we have not processed your order.